MyLaps X2 Activation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a renewal code on!

You will now need to update your MYLAPS transponder subscription by performing 2 steps: redeem your subscription card code and update your X2 transponder. You can follow along with the video or follow the instructions below.

1. Redeem Your Subscription Card Code

Log on to the MYLAPS website at and click on the LOGIN link in the upper right corner.

Click the Login red button under ‘Are you a racer or an athlete?’

Login with your MYLAPS account by typing in your e-mail and password. This is the same login you created when you initially purchased and registered your transponder. If you don’t remember your password, you can click the ‘Forgot password’ link here to retrieve it.

Once logged in, you should notice your transponder (or transponders, if you have many) listed. If the language on the page doesn’t seem right, click the flag in the upper right corner to select the language that best suits you.

Find the transponder in the list that you bought your renewal code for, and click its blue button in the lower right called ‘Manage Product’

In the page that shows the details of your transponder, scroll down until you see a ‘Redeem Subscription Card’ button in the lower right and click it.

Type in the code e-mailed to you from and click ‘Redeem Subscription Card’

2. Update your X2 Transponder

Now that you’ve input your subscription code, you’ll need to update your physical transponder by hooking it up to your computer. You’ll need software to do this.

Click on ‘My Products’ on the left side of your page, and once again, click the ‘Manage Product’ blue button in the lower right of your transponder.

On the next page detailing your transponder, look over to the right for a button that allows your download the MYLAPS Connect software. Note that if you are updating a FLEX transponder, this will prompt you to download FLEX Manager.

Follow the instructions presented to download the software. Once finished, be sure to click run to open the software up.

It should be noted that you may have the software already downloaded from when you initially purchased and activated your transponder. In Windows, click the Windows icon in the lower left, go to your programs list, and you may be able to simply open it from within the MYLAPS Sports Timing folder, as shown here:

The next steps will be showing the MYLAPS Connect software. Once open, you will need to supply your login and password. This is the same login and password you used to login to the website:

Once logged in, all the transponder on the account should be shown on the right. The software should be asking you to connect your device to your computer via USB:

Once connected, your RaceKey should go green, and the subscription should be renewed. What you are looking for is the following:

  • The subscription was successfully transferred
  • The transponder is active
  • The subscription is valid

These indicators should all be shown in the window:

At this point you are all set. You can disconnect your transponder and know it will be good until the next renewal. Be sure to charge your transponder with plenty of time before going to race so that it transmits a strong signal.